Pot trials for lettuce set up

Pot trials were set up with Cambodia’s Department of Agriculture and Community Development (APSARA authority) research farm.
Soil was amended with combinations of biochar, compost, lake sediment and organic fertiliser (produced from pig manure). 7 treatments and 4 replicates were set up for lettuces grown in pots.
The soil amendments aim to improve the soil for growing vegetables, and the weight of the lettuces (roots and leaves), and height will be recorded to determine each treatment’s effectiveness.


2 Responses to “Pot trials for lettuce set up”

  1. Janie Caldbeck Says:

    Hi, would be interested to know please what proportions of biochar / soil were used in the pot trials, and what was the rationale behind it? Thanks!

    • Sarah Carter Says:

      Hi Janie,
      The treatments are as follows:
      T1 = Unimproved soil
      T2 = Unimproved soil + 50g/kg biochar
      T3 = Improved soil
      T4 = Improved soil + 25g/kg biochar
      T5 = Improved soil + 50g/kg biochar
      T6 = Improved soil + 150g/kg biochar
      Where unimproved soil is soil from the farm, and improved soil includes 25g/kg compost, 12 g/kg lake sediment and EM.

      The rationale is therefore to test the impact of biochar on improved and unimproved soil, and also to investigate potential application rates for their efficacy of improving soil and plant growth.

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