Cabbages harvested at APSARA authority research farm

The pots from the lettuce trials were replaced with cabbages, and were harvested early to avoid being eaten by a caterpillar infestation.

The cabbages were planted on 4th April, so were growing for 30 days. The pots were first set up 23rd February.

The results were promising, with an increase in biomass in the pots with 20, 40 and 120t/ha equivalent biochar. The rest of the growing substrate for these was sieved soil from the research farm plus compost and sediment from the local Tonle Sap lake.  All but one of the cabbages in the nine pots with only soil from the research farm died, so the comparison with the research farm soil only plus biochar could not be made.  This however was an interesting result in its self, that adding biochar meant that all nine cabbages in these pots survived. It was noticed that in the absence of biochar, it was difficult to remove the soil from the cabbages, since the clay had set around the roots, it is therefore probably easier for the roots to penetrate the soil in the biochar pots.

Cabbages just prior to harvesting 04/05/2010 at APSARA research farm


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