Rice growing timetable

Observations from the field were made on preparation and planting of rice in Pouk.

In this case a medium season rice is being grown – Phka Rumdoul. It has a medium duration (140-150days) and is being grown by out-growers in Kouk Cherei for the Nagathom fund.

First the grain is soaked for 24h.

Soaking rice, 24.06.2010 Kouk Cherei village

Then the grain is broadcasted by hand onto the nursery field, where it is grown for up to a month. This time often depends on the rains, since it is preferable to plant out in wet ground..

Broadcasting onto nursery field 23.06.2010. Kouk Cherei village.

Meanwhile the land is prepared and is ploughed up to 4+ times. We try to add biochar before the final plough to avoid ploughing dragging the biochar away from the plot too much.

Then finally the rice is planted out.


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