Rice progress – 17.07.2010

Rice planted this season (usually planted between May and July), is wet season rice, irrigated through rainfall, although some farmers in this region have access to irrigation channels from the Barai (link to other post). Reportedly late rains have led to some difficulties for farmers in keeping their paddies flooded.

The plots with biochar added for the two farmers in Krable Riel were visited to see if there were any visible impacts for the addition of biochar. These had been planted at the beginning-middle of June. In one farmer’s field, there were more visible weeds in the plots amended with biochar. The farmer commented that once the field was flooded these will die off naturally, although he would also be doing some weeding of the field in the next few weeks. This demonstrates some of the impacts which biochar can bring to fields, a soil improvement which is a favourable environment for plant growth, although in this case weeds. It is hoped although was difficult to see, that the rice was growing better too.

In another farm with the same application of biochar, the rice appeared slightly yellower than in the areas which did not have biochar. No other changes were visible so it is hoped that this is not a problem.

Keep reading the blog for the final results at harvest (October onwards).

Weeds in farmer CADF3's rice field 17.07.2010


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