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Change to India biochar pot trials

August 27, 2010

The egg plants which were transplanted into the biochar amended pot treatments were removed since almost ¼ did not survive (disease). Instead cabbage will be used for the pot trials, which will also make monitoring the results easier. The harvest will be biomass, and only one value will need to be recorded, which will be on the same day when all the plants are uprooted. With crops like egg plant which have multiple harvest, a more intensive monitoring and recording method is required, and there becomes a level of uncertainty with the research interference as to at which time the fruit / vegetables are ready to be harvested. A total of 75 days should be required for this study.


Pot trials begin in India

August 19, 2010

Under the management of Mr Prabune, the field trials are underway at the ARTI field station*. There are 6 replicates of 12 treatments, which include 20, 40, 60 and 80t/ha biochar, vermicompost and cow manure, and a chemical fertiliser.
Thus far, the eggplants (aubergine) have been transplanted into the pots prepared with the different amendments, and this week those seedlings which died will be replaced. The egg plant takes 30-40 days to flower, then a further 60-80 days until harvest.

*Appropriate Rural Technology Institute’s Rural Entrepreneurship Development Centre
Ganeshnagar, Phaltan – Banaramati Road, Phaltan 415523 District Satara. M.S. (

Pot trials with egg plant, India, August 2010

Biochar meeting – India announced

August 12, 2010

Workshop on Biochar – Production and Uses
Thursday 16th – Friday 17th September 2010

Location: Appropriate Rural Technology Institute’s Rural Entrepreneurship Development Centre
Ganeshnagar, Phaltan – Banaramati Road, Phaltan 415523 District Satara. M.S.

For more information and to register please see the project blog.

Long beans results taster…

August 9, 2010

Biochar was added to plots earlier in the year at 14 t/ha and 28 t/ha and has increased production of long beans in both cases. The largest increase however was seen in the 14t/ha row (>113% of the control).

Rice field POM incorporation

August 9, 2010

Strips of POM were introduced on 05.08.2010 into a rice field where 40t/ha biochar had been added this year. POM was added in plots with and without biochar application.

Incorporating POM into rice field in Krable Riel, Pouk 05.08.2010

Safety first!

August 2, 2010

Biochar was added to the last (for now…) rice field in the current trials, which is in Chireve village, close to Siem Reap. It is policy now to wear masks for biochar application just as a precautionary measure until more research is done on the potential risks when handling biochar.

Biochar spreading in Chireave 02.08.2010. Picture by Vichida Tan.

Rice progress from Harmony Farm

August 2, 2010

Since the rains seem to have arrived, a visit was made (29.07.2010), and the rice is growing well in Harmony farm (near Beng Mealea temple). Trials were set up with various amendments of carbonised rice husk (SME gasifier) and rice husk ash (brick factory) and the trial design includes controls. At present it appears that the rice with the biochar is a darker green and is growing particularly well. In the area with the highest amendment of brick ash, the rice is a more yellow colour.

Vannak and Sarah at the rice field 29.07.2010. Picture by Vichida Tan.

Planting in this farm was direct planting, 5 or 6 seeds being placed in each hole, spaced approximately 20-30cm.