Is there enough rice husk to make biochar?

As a follow on from the previous post, as mentioned many mills have piles of rice husk left from their activities, which is not being used at present.

Discussions with Dr Tan Boun Suy from the Apsara Authority, led us to consider the following question – if biochar is to be promoted as a useful soil amendment (for example at 20t/ha application for rice fields), is there enough?

Assumptions (for a very rough back of envelope calculation!)
– 2 harvests per year of rice at 1t/ha paddy produced per harvest
– 20% of paddy is husk
– 1/3 conversion rate of husk to biochar

2t/ha paddy produced, 0.4 t/ha husk, 0.13t/ha biochar per year.
Therefore in 150 years, enough biochar would be produced for a 20t/ha application rate.

Of course if biochar can increase harvest, then this would lead to more biochar availability!!


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