End of project meeting, Cambodia

Although this won’t be the end of blog posts yet, we held the end of project meeting in Siem Reap 26-27.11.2010.

The aim of this meeting was to put together the end of project document, to discuss findings, and identify further areas for research. The partners from all participating countries attended: ARTI (India), IRRI (Philippines) and University of Edinburgh (representing Cambodia).

The meeting was productive, and some interesting discussions occurred, and a focused assessment of future research requirements was discussed. Particular issues where more work is required include:
– Methane emission measurements from alternative feedstock use (including degradation in the rice husk heap)
– Long term measurements on managed biochar field trial plots
– Introduction of high value cash crops (including soy beans and peanuts) into biochar trials
– Investigation into the economics of feedstock prices – for example the potential for a more developed market in rice husk following successful deployment of gasification units
– More work on the potential of biochar production from rice straw (there is relatively more work on rice husk biochar).

We are actively seeking funding to ensure that biochar research is comprehensive in that covers all potentially useful functions of biochar, and also is able to answer some of the unknowns in order to reduce risk of biochar application and production.


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