04b. Field trials – Cambodia

Biochar trial plots have been established in the North West of Cambodia, in Siem Reap and Pouk districts within Siem Reap Province. So far the following partners are participating in the trials: CADF (Cambodian Agribusiness Development Facility), The TrailBlazer Foundation (NGO), Mad For Good (NGO),  Triple F (Fresh From Farm), The APSARA authorityHelping Hands (NGO), The Sangkhem Centre (NGO), Harmony Farm (NGO) and The Nagathom Fund.

Biochar for the trials is from the EAP Sophat ice factory.

For the trials, biochar is added during the normal planting regime (i.e. before ploughing) of irrigated and rain-fed rice and a selection of horticultural crops. The condition of the soil will be analysed in addition to measuring the yield of the crop (using appropriate techniques) at harvest. Trials will include combinations with different fertiliser / compost / greenwaste addition as is normal practice at the field site. The large number of sites provide different land management scenarios, in addition to different soil types. Trial plots between 3sqm and 50sqm of varying application rates (between 10 and 60 tonnes / ha equivalent) have been implemented so far (for pot trials rates up to 84t/ha equivalent have been used).

Crops tested so far include, lettuce, chinese cabbage, long beans, cucumbers, morning glory and rice. Single plots were used, being randomly allocated in the farm. In all situations, a ‘with’ and ‘without’ trial design is used; the ‘without’ plot representing the baseline scenario.

The newest set rice trials are set up following most aspects from the methodologies used in the Philippines (IRRI). Six plots (5m x 5m), three control and three amended with 40t/ha biochar were set up in a latin square layout. There is 1m in between each plot and the border will be discarded to avoid the edge effect.

Compost being added to treatments of biochar 20t/ha and control plots, at the Sangkheum Centre, 19.02.10.

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