04c. Crop trials – India

ARTI are currently running the biochar field trials of maize in Phaltan.

They will also start some new field trials later on in the year.

Maize: BISCO 740 is being used, this is a variety which is readily available and widely used by farmers in the area.

Already the Maize trials are under way, the maize having been planted 15-17.04.2010. Biochar was added to the soil a week prior to planting, and since then the crop has been irrigated and weeded.

Biochar procurement
Before the biochar had been added it had to be produced on site using a simple charring kiln.

Treatments with a range of biochar applications (between 20t/ha and 80t/ha) were added, and a treatment with an additional 8t/ha of vermicompost and with only fertiliser were added to the trial. Three replicates are used, and plot size is around 30sqm. The middle rows of maize will be harvested to counter any edge effects.


2 Responses to “04c. Crop trials – India”

  1. Carl Johannessen Says:

    I remain interested just a little doubtful of such great results. I also want to know how you obtain the forest products to make this, if we are required to collect the debris from the forest.

    • Sarah Carter Says:

      Hi Carl,
      Thanks for the comment. Please let me know what you are doubtful of and we can discuss.
      These trials which you are commenting on, use waste sugarcane and maize trash biochar, which are not forest products. We did make a small amount of biochar from tree waste, when some trees on the grounds of the rural development centre were being removed.
      Best regards,

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