03a1. Availability of biochar in Cambodia

Other organisations with gasification technology

SME is not the only organisation to facilitate deployment of this style of technology. Two other gasification units in rice mills were visited, one in Kralanh and one in the Beng Melia area (around 60km from Siem Reap).

Chheng Bun Han Rice Mill, Kralanh. This 250KW gasification unit was installed just over 1 year ago. It has an automatice feedstock input, and like the SME units is a continuous process. At this mill biochar and rice husk are given for free to local people who come to collect.

10.05.2010. Chheng Bun Han Rice Mill gasification unit, Kralanh.

Ang Tien Surl Rice Mill, Sam Rau Market. This is just over 2 years old, and the gasification unit powers the mill, and generates electricity for domestic use.

10.05.2010 Ang Tien Surl Rice Mill, Sam Rau Market, on the road to Beng Melia.

Other processes for biochar production

Biochar can also be produced by other processes.


2 Responses to “03a1. Availability of biochar in Cambodia”

  1. Bryan Hugill Says:

    Hi Sarah – Do you perhaps know who produces the gasification units described in the photos above? Someone local in Cambodia or in SE Asia? Thanks, Bryan

  2. Sarah Carter Says:

    Hi Bryan, This is a copycat technology of the SME units (https://biocharm.wordpress.com/biochar-production/biochar-sme/) installed by a local Cambodian. Not sure if the technology is imported from the same source as SME. Sarah

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