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Biochar collection 10.05.2010

May 13, 2010

Biochar was distributed for rice trials. It was delivered to two farmers in Pouk District, one in Chireav, Harmony Farm in Beng Melia, and the Nagathom base near Kralanh, to be distributed to their outgrowers later.

Rice husk biochar was picked up as before from Kralanh, at a gasification unit which produced gas to power EAP SOPHAT ice factory.

Biochar bagging 10.05.2010, EAP SOPHAT, Kralanh.

A brick making factory was also visited to pick up some rice husk ash. This was different in texture and colour from the biochar, even though the feedstock is the same due to being fully combusted in the kilns. See the biochar production pages for more info on SME’s production and the brick factory.

Picking up burned rice husk at the brick factory, Kralanh. 10.05.2010.


Biocharm 2009

February 10, 2010

The initial visit to Cambodia in November and December 2009 was a great success.

This was a scoping visit to investigate potential crop trial locations. Some great contacts were made, and the first deployment of biochar was made on the 19th December. Lessons were learned about the logistics of moving truck loads of biochar around Cambodia, and methods of application to different soils were tested.

Biochar was added to 5 field sites, which comprised of a total of 17 plots (including controls).

Things were also set in motion for the next stage to begin in January 2010.

Applications begin in February 2010

January 18, 2010

On 12th February, a truck load of biochar was delivered to 8 new field sites. To date biochar has been incorporated into soil into 3 sites, and pot trials (see post) have been set up in a 4th site. In most cases rows planned for vegetable growing have been selected randomly for different treatments in each location. Application rates of between 10 and 60 tonnes/ha equivalent have been used, and crops include morning glory, lettuce, cabbage and melons.

Over the next few weeks plots will be set up in the remaining locations.