E workshop

Online workshop: Biochar; the potential in Asia Pacific?
24-29th October 2010

Discussions can be viewed on the forum.

The output document is now available.

The theme for the workshop will be as follows –
25th October – Biochar in use
26th October – Biochar production techniques 1
27th October – Biochar production techniques 2
28th October – Biochar and poverty alleviation
29th October – Potential for carbon emissions reductions and carbon finance from biochar


5 Responses to “E workshop”

  1. Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy Says:

    Interested to Participate in this workshop

    Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy
    CEO, GEO
    http://goodstove.com | http://biocharindia.com

  2. Kunuthur Srinivasa Reddy Says:

    The material used for the production of biochar has to be very clearly and specifically by all the world nations before discussing about the utility of biochar for any pupose. No nation can afford to use forests for the production of biochar since this resource is less than one third of the total global terrain. It is needless to state that burning of pland and animal residues would deprive food of microbes and macrobes which are actively involved in supporting plant,animal and human life on earth. What right any body has to deny them the basic necessity for their survival. These need a thorough discussion with a sense of conern.

    • Sarah Carter Says:

      The choice of feedstock is very important to ensure that biochar is sustainably produced and also is environmentally beneficial. This topic will be discussed at the online workshop.

  3. Dr G. Syamasundar Reddy Says:

    Deliberate burning of forest wood or plant material may be denied. But some times, we need to burn some thing like diseased plant debris, thorny bushes, etc.. What I mean to say is where ever it is essential to burn some plant material, it can be effectly converted into biochar and put to use as emphesized.

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